Best Crypto Analysis Sites For Investors

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In this article Best Crypto Analysis Sites For Investors We will provide information about There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and hundreds of crypto exchanges on the market right now.

And when investing in this area, you have to be very careful because the volatility is very high. Thanks to the analysis of these sites, you can have information about the coins that will rise in advance.

Especially after the LUNA and UST disasters, which lost 99.99 percent in value in the past days, 40 billion dollars evaporated from the market. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about a few sites that can help protect you from danger when buying crypto money (coins, tokens) and help your investment melt overnight.

In this article, on behalf of investors current state of the cryptocurrency marketnu, how well cryptocurrencies are performing, and the market's top winners and losersSome information about i crypto analytics site we will share.

Come on in 2022 What crypto investors need to know best crypto data-analysis sitesLet's see what.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily

Crypto experts and experienced traders, Crypto Daily they trust the website quite a lot. The site covers only authentic information on various topics related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other hit cryptocurrencies. Moreover Reliable resources on NFT and metaverseYou can also access it here. You can also easily follow breaking news, the latest crypto data and events in the global economic and financial markets affecting the major crypto market, and the latest technologies integrated into the market through this site.



CoinMarketCapis one of the most popular crypto providing websites that create accurate market analysis reports including price charts, market caps and trading volumes. Anyone who is even slightly interested in cryptocurrencies must have heard of CoinMarketCap. However, when there is such an article, it is impossible not to mention CoinMarketCap. You can also find daily trading volumes and historical data on this website. The most important feature that sets CoinMarketCap apart from the others is that it provides ICO tracking of new and trending cryptocurrencies that are popular with investors.

Also on this site reliable airdropsmay also benefit from 15-20$ per week even by the time You can win up to 50$ rewards.

Lunar Crush

Lunar Crush

Lunar Crushuses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze and assemble the most valuable information about cryptocurrencies. Lunar Crush uses advanced technologies to organize and make sense of information. Cryptocurrency investment advice is made entirely on data and analysis, not on emotions, thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence. These transactions are; It includes data collection covering social media data, Reddit news, Google search trends and much more. You can get cryptocurrency tips using this data.


Messariis a crypto data aggregator that helps investors search for the most useful and confidential information so their investment portfolios are completely data-driven and invest accordingly. The site aims to help investors make better decisions. Messari allows its users to rank cryptocurrencies by data metrics, industry, coin categories and a number of different statuses such as liquid market cap stock.



Glassnode produces innovative market indicators such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The free dashboard offers address activity, circulating supply, trading volume, transaction fees, and more. Glassnode makes charts and indicators easy and offers easy-to-read and customizable charts.

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