Free Best Apps and Websites Like Quora

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What are Free Best Apps and Websites Like Quora? Before we get to the answer to our question, what is Quora? What does Quora do? Let's answer these questions.

Maybe you have a question or a problem that many people think about. Thanks to websites like Quora, you can now find answers to all your questions and problems, and even have an in-depth idea about the subject. However, due to the fact that some of Quora's features are paid, we will talk about free sites and applications such as Quora in this article.


If you have never visited the Blurtit site before, you should definitely check it out. This site contains very useful information on almost every subject. The platform asks you to choose a category for it and then ask a question to be answered. Questions are mostly answered by people who are knowledgeable in the field. Blurtite, It is seen as the best competitor alternative to Quora.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo Search was a great alternative to Quora and it's free. You earn points by answering people's questions on Yahoo Search. You can earn points by answering questions asked by others to increase the number of questions you can ask. It is one of the best Q&A apps alternative to Quora.

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Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange He is very good at categorizing questions. It organizes the questions into about 150 sub-categories. Another feature is that you have the right to vote as a user. This encourages users to give effective and accurate answers to questions to gain popularity.


QsAns allows users to ask questions and get answers from experts It is one of the best websites to rival Quora. Especially if you are operating in the field of digital marketing, this site is a very effective alternative to share your thoughts, give advice, get ideas and even increase the visibility of your company.


Go to Reddit for a question on your mind, movies, music, economy, politics, technology, games, etc. You can find 150,000 topics in all topics. In fact, you can easily find more topics on Reddit than Quora.

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Fluther is a website where questions like Quora are answered. It is one of the websites that competes most effectively with Quora and at times outperforms Quora. Fluther is an excellent Q&A site like Quora, as it has two domains, 'public' and 'social'.

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